Discounts for your members!
Donations to your group!

To provide the opportunity for local community groups and charitable organizations to receive a monetary donation based on ticket sales to the show.

Wes understands the vital role that local groups and charities provide to their communities and wants to reward them for their efforts. With the new D&D Program, a portion of the ticket sales from the show is donated to local area groups. On top of that, group members will receive a discount on tickets to the show.

How the D&D Program works: (Think of it as a "restaurant night" but better!)

  • Approved groups are provided with a unique discount code to share with their members/supporters via social media or other methods.
  • Groups will be provided weekly announcements about the show and are encouraged to share with their members.
  • When group members use your code to purchase a ticket they get discounted ticket pricing. (actual discount varies depending on event)
  • Your group receives a percentage of the purchase price as a donation. (actual percentage varies depending on event)

Donation checks are mailed out, along with an event report, within 30 days after the performance.

Tickets are purchased online or at the door, so there is no need for groups to handle any monies or keep track of receipts laughing